My Patronus Is a Stitch shirt

Fanmade – My Patronus Is a Stitch shirt

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It was hard for my I hunt to burn off the crazy shirt. Her father disowned her and said she was going to hell. I on the other hand said ” welcome to my world” I have always supported my daughter. She is perfect the way she is. God created her to love and be loved. My baby who is now 24 has a right to be healthy happy and most importantly have unconditional love. I am her mother so I might be biased but that is my opinion.

My Patronus is a Stitch lady shirt

I have family members that are gay and my hole family excepted it and was happy for them because love is love if ones family is against it then there gonna miss out on that loved ones life. I’m happy for all those people who find already the one they love and are happily together. But also love is sad for some people.. it’s not always happy ending or fairytales. Agree, love is love and it is unique in its own shape ,tune ,sunshine and music.

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